About Us

Who are we?

i6 Consulting, co-founded by seasoned industry veterans, is a multinational marketing consultancy firm dedicated to achieving customer excellence. With deep expertise across diverse industry verticals such as IT/ITES, BFSI, Defense & Security, Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Pharma, among others, our primary focus lies in supporting clients with expansion strategies across the ASEAN region.

Why choose us?

Our consulting directors specializing in product marketing and management possess extensive expertise in addressing the key concerns encountered by leaders in these domains. This includes tasks such as crafting messaging and content, developing personas, orchestrating product launches, and providing valuable market and competitive insights.


Honest and Dependable

We work alongside our advisory services team to help you accomplish your goals when you don't have the requisite resources or the time, or if you need a third-party perspective to help bring your organization together.


We Are Always Improving

Alignment is cardinal; companies perform best when everybody is on the same page and focused on the same objectives. i6 Consulting offers research-based consulting for B-to-B companies that will bring together people from all areas of your organization.


We Are Passionate

Our consulting team shall provide with a critical eye to assess and hands to help you reach the next level of performance within your company.

How do we do it?


For Sales Leaders

B-to-B sales leaders are perennially seeking ways to optimize productivity and performance while deepening strategic alignment with their marketing and product management collaborators to accomplish growth initiatives with accuracy.
Our consulting advisors in the sales and channel sales arena have an average of more than 20 years’ experience dealing with the issues that concern you and your organization within the sales enablement, sales operations and channel sales functions. 


For Marketing Leaders

B-to-B CMOs and marketing leaders need to plan, execute and measure initiatives that drive growth while aligning with their sales and product collaborators.
Our consulting directors in the marketing and channel marketing practice areas have decades of practitioner experience dealing with the issues that concern CMOs and marketing organizations focused on account-based marketing, channel marketing, CMO strategies, demand creation, marketing operations and strategic communications. 


For Product Leaders

B-to-B product marketing and management leaders need to anticipate future demand and innovate to capture market opportunity. They need to work with their marketing and sales partners to develop a clear, actionable go-to-market strategy.
Our consulting directors in the product marketing and management practice area have extensive experience dealing with the issues that product marketing and management leaders need to focus on, including messaging and content creation, persona development, product launches and market/competitive insights. 

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