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Marketing Strategy and Consulting

Marketing assigns marketing program resources throughout various content assets and tactics, leading to incessant loops of activity that generate diminishing returns. Cultivating marketing redundant or conflicting activities in silos leave prospects, customers and even the salespeople confused about the organization’s offerings and brand identity. Integrated campaigns are no doubt beneficial, yet they necessitate a significant change for many organizations.

i6 Consulting provides marketing leadership with tailored campaign framework using established norms that would enable marketing managers to orchestrate multi-pronged campaigns – perfectly ordinated to the buyer’s journey that would increase the overall effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

i6 Consulting will design your digital marketing strategy from concept to execution. Be it designing your website to creating a targeted campaign,, SEO, creating ads so that your business gets the right audience that are cost effective and measurable. We will also help you to have meaningful conversations so that you are on top of the mind recall and hence you get more business opportunities


Wiser investment and allocation of resources

Identify and support change agents, quickly make course corrections and seize opportunities.


Better alignment for greater impact

Advice on managing complex initiatives and building collaboration between multiple sub functions.


Internal stakeholders

Team players who are more receptive to input are more apt to help peers.

Account Based Marketing

i6 Consulting helps account-based marketers perfect their craft, understand its interplay within the sales/marketing dynamic, build client trust and confidence in ABM, and fill or accelerate the sales pipeline with better accounts and opportunities. We call upon our extensive experience base, cross-organizational resources and expansive client base to give you unparalleled support.


Extensive Experience

Tailor a unique approach for each account based on our extensive exprience of account based marketing.


Connecting the dots

Help clients articulate marketing and sales goals and how to achive them by aligning sales structure and ABM Strategy for key accounts.



Offer credibility for sell-in, adoption or restart of an ABM strategy.

Digital Marketing Services

i6 Consulting helps in designing digital marketing strategies by leveraging online marketing tactics, such as content marketing, social media marketing, search marketing and email marketing or complete overhaul of your website.

The whole trend of digital marketing is widely spread across this generation and is considered the most convenient and flexible mode of communication and advertisement. Which is why it’s become a growing need of every organization small or big.



i6 uses best targeting practices that helps you reach the right people at the right costs.


Consumer Behavior

i6 shall track activities like adverts / content a user consumes before making a purchase decision.



i6 shall help you reach users, so that they trust you and keep engaged for getting continued information.

Lead Generation and Database Services

i6 Consulting helps demand marketing leaders create a distinctive process to measure and manage how well they are cultivating demand. It is the engine for them to identify, qualify, and manage demand by assessing the progress they are making and identifying areas in which they can improve.


Drive opportunities

i6 shall bring marketing and sales into alignment around the quality and quantity of opportunities.


Revenue engine

i6 shall dig beneath top-level performance metrics to assess revenue engine performance at the regional and sub-regional level to drive consistent growth.


Lead Management

i6 shall help you through identification of a prospect to nurturing it until it's a sales ready lead.

Event Management

Starting off as a corporate event management company, we capitalized quickly and developed it as our core competency by successfully organizing several corporate events for MNCs not only in the city of Delhi but across the nation.


Events and Shows

i6 is helps its clients in end to end execution of internal events, conferences, seminars, product & brand launches, exhibitions or trade shows.



i6 can help you with permissions and licenses, logistics management.



Artists managment, speaker management and manpower deployment for any requirements.

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